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The Lorne Park neighbourhood consists of a mix of primarily upper and middle class homes, and consequently some of the best schools in Ontario.

Lorne Park is a suburban residential neighbourhood located in southwestern Mississauga, Ontario.

An interesting fact about Lorne Park is that it first started out as a resort.

Lorne Park was a 75 acre pleasure ground that were operated by the Toronto Park Association; it included separate parlours for both men and women, bowling lanes, and merry go rounds.

Travel to the resort was often done by stream. However as a series of bankruptcies, the resort lands were sold to cottagers.

With the access of the QEW highway, suburbanization of the original lands and surrounding areas occurs in the post WWII period.

Lorne Park Estates is a community of approximately 77 acres, and it is located in the City of Mississauga, and bordered by Lake Ontario on the south, Lakeshore Road on the north, Jack Darling Park on the west and Richard's Memorial Park on the east.

Homeowners in this community are of course responsible for municipal taxes and upkeep of their land, but also they are cooperately responsible for the upkeep and taxes on 37 acres of the area. This includes residential roads, forests, walking trails, a cottage, the small parch area and beach.

There are two roads into Lorne Park Estates that are marked as private because they are not conducive to traffic. These privately maintained toads in the community are extremely narrow, having no sidewalks, few through fares and many dead ends.

Lorne Park holds some of Mississauga's most beautiful homes; many of which are custom built. You will find houses lying on Mississauga road to be simply stunning; not only do many of these houses sit upon a large piece of land, but the majority of houses have been reconstructed from the ground up using recent construction materials and methods.

Within the past 6 years there has been a new community developed into the Lorne Park area - Watercolors.

Watercolors is a development created and built by Mattamy Homes. It is one of the most sought after areas in Lorne Park, and in Mississauga.

  Watercolours Lorne park Entrance  
Cayon Cobalt Lorne Park Sienna Hancock lorne Park Ed Horbaczyk Cranleigh Hancock Lorne Park

You will find an elementary school at one of the entrances of Watercolors, holding children from kindergarten to grade 8.

A school that has made a name for itself in both academics and athletics is Lorne Park Secondary School. This high school holds some brilliant minds.

Lorne Park is a neighbourhood many people love to live in, and wish they could live in. Houses go on the market for this area occasionally, however when they do they are set at an incredibly high price. You are paying for luxury, and Lorne Park is a neighbourhood that defines this.

Schools in Lorne Park :

Elementary Secondary   Catholic
Hillcrest Lorne Park   St Luke Elementary
Lorne Park     St Christopher Elementary
Tecumseh     Iona Secondary

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